Units of Measure in Gaming: Metric System or US System?

There are three countries in the world that don’t use the Metric system: Burma, Liberia and the US. The rest of the world uses the Metric system which makes it fairly simple when it comes to localization. However, units of measure need to be considered and dealt with carefully when it comes to the localization of … Continued

The Style Guide: a Must in Games Localization

A style guide is an incredibly important document for your studio in general. Not only it will set the base for your localization but also for your marketing channels and everything that has to do with content creation (videos, blog posts, website, etc..). Most gaming companies will only create one a bit too late, when the … Continued

To Proofread or Not to Proofread?

Proofreading often never comes to the mind when you think about localization. Before we delve into the dilemma let me clarify that there are two types of proofreading for the Master file: the first one is the one done by the game company, and the other one is done by the native English speaking linguist and … Continued

A Simple Guide to FAQ Localization

FAQs are a very important part of the localization cycle and they constitute the biggest chunk of localization. Developers start localizing FAQs the minute they start getting too many requests, and localizing your game’s FAQs should be much simpler than localizing your game, simply because the texts are not context dependent. So here’s a simple … Continued

The 3 Pain Points of Mobile Games Localization

We recently gave you some advice on establishing a simple smart workflow for localization. The reason we did this is because many times when something goes wrong with organization our clients tell us: “It’s not your problem, it’s our problem. We need to be more organized.”  Since the mobile gaming market is still so young, even … Continued

The Smart Localization Workflow for Mobile Game Companies

Are you launching your game soon and want to be well prepared for what’s coming? We don’t want to scare you out, but without a proper structure, localization will get very messy without an established workflow and it is the poor game developer who gets stuck with it who will suffer. I worked in Supercell for … Continued

Is Localization Testing Necessary At All For Games?

Localization testing is the process of checking that everything that has been translated in a game actually looks good to players. Localization testing is a common practice for bigger companies who release hardware or software or also for AAA titles. But when it comes to mobile, it’s a different story. When I have asked CEOs of … Continued

The People Behind the Games: Cazan Calin, Game Artist.

Localization is all about conveying the creations of developers to players. And the games are connected in many ways to the people who create them. But we rarely hear about the people who make the games that we play. Who are they? What is their story? Last week I went to Romania and I had the … Continued