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Localization companies often deliver faulty translations because they don’t even play your game. We are also gamers so no need to explain references or game genres to us.

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No need to provide screenshots and references, we take care of everything. What’s more, we coach you on localization best practices!


Hi, I’m Laura Gutierrez Founder of WordNerd and I have a huge passion for languages as I speak five of them and I also love games.

That one on the left was me when I used to work for Supercell, I was pretty stressed out back then 🙁 : we had a lot of communication problems with our localization partner and I often lost my work of one or two weeks because of the inefficient localization processes we had. One day, I ended up crying and cursing after losing my work once again and then I decided this had to stop.

Ever since then, I’ve been working closely with gaming companies, connecting them to their players on a deeper level through great localization. Make sure you check out their testimonials!

- per word
For any language.

Localization is all about connecting with your players...

Reach them

Many markets not only appreciate but require localization. Did you know that some players will not download a game if it’s not available in their language? Or that Italian players are the most demanding ones? Make them happy and offer them your game in their own language.

Engage them

Many players can quit your game and give 1 star reviews based only on unsatisfying localization.

Our premium localization done by game veteran linguists will get you many five star reviews, boost your downloads and engage your users on a deeper level.

Hear it from our clients

  • "WordNerd helped our games land the #1 spot in many countries thanks to an awesome localization. Our production was positively influenced as we had to take a different approach on text creation and UI graphics. This helps developers be more aware of the audience while building the game."

    Gabriele Aimone, PlayRaven

  • "WordNerd has made our localization process painless!"

    Mika Tammenkoski, Everywear Games